Weight Loss – Setbacks

You have been reading about my weight loss journey for awhile and about my successes. Well, I went on vacation to the beach in late May, and when I returned in early June, I was not feeling well.

I was told I had to have emergency surgery or I was just going to get worse. This surgery is quite possibly the worst I have ever had. Now, I have never had a C-section which I hear is horrendous to recover from.

But, if you have ever had your gut operated on you have an inkling of the suffering to which I am speaking. The things that makes this so hard on my weight loss journey is the lack of physical activity.

I have been told it could be 3-6 weeks, (ack!) before I am allowed to resume my exercise routine. Now, for someone that has become used to exercising quite regularly, this feels like forever!

So, I began to wonder how I could manage to not gain weight during this time. I am going to have to be very careful about my salt intake, and what I eat. This means no sugary snacks at all, and watching what I put on my food.

So, plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean protein will be the answer. Now, I eat these things anyway, but now they are just more important. Once I am up and around, which will be at least another week, I hope to begin going on short walks to help with maintaining my weight.

Inactivity as we know is the key to weight gain, and I have come too far to let this be a permanent set back. So, staying motivated the best I can will be my goal.

If you have any ideas that would help, please send them my way. I am all ears.



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