Enlistment Update

Well it has been a few weeks since my son decided to become a Marine.

What has life been like for him since then?

Well, he has to call his recruiter, and check-in every Tuesday. Then, every Saturday  all of the poolees (all of the people waiting to go to basic training) meet with the recruiters, and Marines that have just returned from basic, to do something called PT. This is physical training.

Physical training is a crucial part of becoming a Marine. Not only are you tested several times before and during basic regarding your physical fitness, but to a Marine physical fitness becomes a way of life. It will help to keep him alive one day.

So, my son who loves to sleep, has been waking very early on Saturday mornings, to go run and run and run, and to be screamed at by Marines, and he has been on time! Now, if you know my son, this in itself is a miracle.

I have already begun to see the changes in my son. He is on time for things I ask him to do. He is now consistently addressing people as “Ma’am” and “Sir”, not that he didn’t before, it is just consistent now.

We still do not know where he will be stationed after basic yet or his MOS (his job function). We are still waiting to find this out.

I have to confess, I have been reading as many books as I can on the Marine Corps, because even though I was in the military, each branch of service is different, and things change over the years. I must say my son will have an interesting future, and life will never be boring.

More updates to come as things move forward. We are still looking at a ship off date of February 2013.



  1. cynthia says:

    Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. He is still struggling with his MOS decision but hopefully that will work itself out soon otherwise he does seem to be enjoying it so far.

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