Journey to Boot Camp

At my last writing my son was 16 days from leaving for boot camp. Well, he is still here.

Things were changed, timetables rearranged, and yes, even his MOS changed, AGAIN.

He is now leaving next Sunday! Everything is in order, and we are praying this time that everything goes as planned, and he can be on that bus with his other recruits as scheduled.

His new MOS is Construction/Engineering. I am still happy as long as it is not Infantry.

I will write a longer post next week after he on the bus to let you know what happens next.

Next week will be a very busy time of packing, spending time together, and handling all of the last minute details as they come up.

I think I am finally ready to put him on that bus, and watch him begin this new amazing chapter in his life.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. My son has appreciated them all, and they mean a great deal to him. He will continue to need them as he progresses through basic.

Semper Fi!


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