The Ring Fiasco

About 8 months ago the stone in my engagement ring became loose. I took it to the jeweler, they tightened it and told me the prongs would have to eventually be replaced. Now keep in mind I had just gotten my ring in February 2009. This was Summer 2011. I am very hard on jewelry I will admit.

So, I continued to wear it but, I was very careful where I wore it, and I always took it off and put it away when I got home. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “why is she continuing to wear it if the prongs needed to be replaced?” Well, you see I could not bear to part with it even for a day to put in the jewelers to have the prongs replaced. It had been a very tough year, if you read my blog, and it was just too much for me to part with it even for a day.

Well, one day in November, we had a very busy day of errand running for our house. I am talking about all the major stores, grocery stores, etc… a full day. Well, I put on my ring and ran out the door.

We were in the very last store of the day and I happened to look down at my hand and my worst nightmares had come true! I had LOST the stone in my engagement ring! I looked at my husband and burst into tears. His first reaction was hurt and anger, because he had been telling me I was going to lose it, and I kept telling him I wasn’t that careless.

But, after he calmed down, he told me that my ring was completely insured and that we had full replacement value insurance. Thank goodness I have a very smart husband. Well, after several months of paperwork and appraisals etc….We finally got the ring back on Monday night, I was like an excited little school girl.

My husband gave my ring back to me in a very romantic way. It will never replace the sentimental stone we lost, but this stone will be here for many years to come and hopefully we can build new memories with this stone. We are going back to our engagement spot in May. We will take this stone back to where it all began and start those memories off on the right foot again.

If I have learned any lesson out of this, it is to take your ring to the jewelers at the first sign of trouble no matter how big or small. Do not be afraid to be without it, because if you do not fix it, you may be without it forever.


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