A few days ago I was out with a new friend, and she asked me why I started writing my blog. I told her that I began blogging, to deal with all of the feelings I had surrounding the death of my mom, and all of the guilt I felt about the kind of relationship we had. I also told her that I blog to make and meet new friends.

What occurred to me, that I did not answer, is why I continue to blog. I continue to blog, after two years, because I feel like it is an outlet for me. It gives me a way to express things and deal with things. Things like, my son going off to war, my family members that have committed suicide, or my surviving domestic violence.

In living through these things, I also feel that I have something important to give to others. Sharing of my experiences may allow someone else to understand it, or better yet know that it can be survived.

I  write for the victims of domestic violence. I write to give them a voice. I write to bring awareness to the stigma that is domestic violence. I write to make people aware that the laws are still sided for the offender not the victim. I write to make people see that this is still an epidemic even today.

I guess you can say that I write for all of those that can’t.

Writing is a powerful outlet. It allows you to be creative, expressive, dramatic, open, or many of the things you might not be able to be in person. Writing can be therapeutic. I know this was the case for me after my mother died. My blogs became a journal of sorts. I guess they are still are, but I hope that I am helping others as well. Helping others is my real goal.

If you are struggling to write, as I often do. I encourage you to write from the heart, not when others say you have to. You often hear a lot about “blogging schedules.” I say write when you something important to say, I do.



  1. Lily from It's A Dome Life says:

    I blog so my daughter will have a record of her childhood. I am really bad at scrapbooking, but I love writing. It’s also an outlet for me. Plus, find great pleasure in making people laugh.

    Glad you are using your voice!

  2. Terre says:

    I love that! Sometimes I get carried away with just posting deals, cleaning house and shuffling along in my busy life and I feel a sort of weight dragging me down. That is the time I start to write from the heart, or paint a new picture, do a craft, or some other creative outlet and I feel a huge release. I love that feeling. Too bad I don’t remember to do creative things all day long then I would never feel weighted.

    I found your blog from the Bloggy Moms September Hop and I am a new follower!

    Saving Your Green

  3. cynthia says:

    Terre, Thank you. It is important for me to write from the heart, lest I lose it becomes unimportant to me. Helping others is a large part of why I blog. I am glad you found my blog and thank you for following me!

  4. admin says:

    Absolutely! If my blog ever starts feeling like a job, I will stop writing. Helping people, which is why I write, should never feel like work.

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