The Recruiter

Today this all becomes real.

Today is the day my youngest son heads to the recruiter’s office to talk to them about signing up for the United States Marine Corps.

Am I nervous, you bet.

Am I scared, you bet.

Did I sleep last night? Not a wink.

Now, I have been here before with my oldest son, as many of you may remember from my last post entitled “A Marine’s Story.” However, this is my youngest, my baby.

I have mentioned before how proud I am of him, and I still am. However, it does not make this any easier. I am waiting here on pins and needles for him to call and tell me what all the recruiter said.

Now, some of you are may be asking why I did not go with him. Well for many reasons: One, he is 24 years old. He does not need his mom holding his hand at the recruiting station. Two, I wanted him to know I trust him and his decision. Finally, he made this decision so he needs to stand on his own and do what he needs to do. He is a man now, and he has been taking care of himself for a while, as he so promptly reminded me at dinner last night.

Please wish him well and pray that God keeps him safe.

Semper Fi.


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  1. Brenda says:

    From one military family to another, sending blessings your way and please thank him for the sacrifices he’s about to make. (hugs)

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