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This is the Independence of the Seas, and I hope to be on her soon. Cruising is what I call the ultimate vacation. If you have never been on a cruise you are definitely missing out. The wonderful thing about a cruise is that you can do everything on board, or nothing at all.

Every night you get what is called a brochure in your state room listing all of the following days activities. Now, I am a lifetime Royal Caribbean cruiser and the brochure is called the Cruise Compass for RCCL. You can try to do everything in it, or you can simply lay on the pool deck, and do absolutely nothing at all, and read a book. I have cruises where I do some of both.

That is the beauty of a cruise. Everything you need is within reach, and you have the amazing ever changing views while you are at it. The great ports of call along the way are a nice bonus. It sure beats a landlocked all-inclusive if you ask me!

Oh, did I mention the food? Oh, all the food you could possibly eat!

Now, I know you must be thinking, all that food = weight gain! I have never gained weight on a cruise. I swear! Between the amazing gyms they have on board, with sweeping ocean views, I might add, the walking track on board, the swimming, the walking in all of the ports, there is no way to gain weight.

On a cruise I begin my day, every day in the gym. Then, after lunch I go for a long walk on the track, after dinner, a moonlit stroll is in order. The days in port, we opt for walking

tours so we can walk off the food we have consumed. So you see, play it right and you can manage not to gain weight.

There are many different cruise companies for many different types of cruisers. You just have to find the right one for you. RCCL and Celebrity fit my taste, but to each his own. A great travel agent can help you find the right cruise for you. Have questions? Ask me and I will be glad to answer those that I can!

Bon Voyage!



photo credit: Hythe Eye via photopin cc, Renée S. via photopin cc, Renée S. via photopin cc


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