Right to Vote

I am going to preface this with the fact that I have never written a political post before today, this is a first.

Sometimes you just want to say……..enough already! Wow. Today has really been a day of everyone on @twitter having their opinion about someone using their right to vote. That is just what it is, a right to choose to vote. This morning John Archibald wrote a piece about why he chose not to vote. You would have thought he had committed a cardinal sin. Here is the link to his article.

Then, AL.com (@aldotcom), turns around and posts on @twitter a comment that said, “Can you forgive @JohnArchibald for not voting?” Excuse me?

We have the right in this country to choose not to vote, or to choose to vote. There are those of us that feel that the two-party system is not fair, and it does not work. Also, there are those of us that feel that since our candidate is not on the ballot, we were not given a choice. Therefore, why vote?

If you are among those that voted today, good for you. If you are among those that did not, then you did what you felt you had the right to do. Do not let others bully you into feeling bad about your choice. You had a choice, and you exercised that choice.

I am not going to reveal whether I voted or not. To me, voting is a very personal decision, so much so, that announcing that you voted, to me is comparative to TMI. It is a sacred choice, and one that should not be shared with others, much as the same as your choice of candidate.

So, all of this alienating one another over the choice of voting or not voting is ridiculous. It is simply a choice. Yes, many died to give people this choice. I have served in that same service. However, you must let people have that choice, that is why we call this America: Land of the Free.



  1. Lily from It's A Dome Life says:

    This is interesting and something to think about. I can understand why someone might choose not to vote. I think the important piece is to actually make a choice. People like me talk about politics a bit (and voting) because we want to make sure people are paying attention. I guess in my mind choosing not to vote as an informed decision is different than just not bothering to. You are right though, choosing not to vote is a right just like choosing to vote. Thanks for pointing out this perspective.

  2. javacia says:

    Very interesting post. I understand Archibald’s reasons for not voting even though I don’t agree with them. I don’t know if most people who don’t vote, however, have given the matter such careful thought.

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