Storm Stories

Storm Stories

My minister, Rev Tommy Morgan at Grace Christian Church, Helena, got my attention in church on Sunday morning, as I am sure was his intention. I have not been to church lately due to my depression and sadness. His sermon was titled “Storm Stories”. Here is the link to his sermon: In the last 6 months, during my period of darkness, I seemed to have forgotten the most important thing. The point of his sermon:

In the heart of every storm, there is a calm, in this calm there is a light, that light is Christ.

In the last few months of my pain I seemed to have forgotten that God was with me holding the calm I would not seek. In my despair I was swimming in the storm and could not find the peace and calm I needed. I had forgotten that my Lord and Saviour held that peace and calm. Why is it when we are hurting, or suffering that we get lost in our pain and grief and we forget to turn to the one thing that offers us the solace we truly need? My eyes and my heart have been opened again. I am ready now to accept that calm and the light. I am ready to return to my church and my church family and make them a part of my healing and my new beginning. I truly understand that my suffering would have been easier with them and Christ than without them. If you are living with pain of any kind, abuse, grief, sickness, whatever it maybe, find the light in the storm, the light of Christ and turn to him and he will give you the solace, the peace and calm you seek. I know I found it again. God bless you all.


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