Family Pictures

I have been putting off joining a particular social network for many reasons over the last couple of years. Well a few weeks ago my brother made the comment that he was speaking with my one of my aunt’s about my uncle’s death, who died 6 years ago, she is on this network, and I felt left out. October is cancer awareness month and they were discussing his passing of lung cancer. So, I thought well it is time for me to bite the bullet and sign up. Well a peculiar thing happened the other night. I was flipping through one of my many aunts’ pages, my mom had 9 brothers and sisters, and I found a treasure trove of precious family pictures.

I began looking through the pictures and the memories began flooding my mind. One in particular caught my eye. After my father died, my mother and my two brothers, moved into my grandmother’s house and there were 13+ people living in this house at one time. Conditions were crowded and life was very busy, but very happy. As I saw the pictures of the inside of this house, all of those memories came running back to me; all of us trying to fit around the dining room table, the weekend football games, goodness knows we had enough for a co-ed team, all of the laughter and the fighting over the bathrooms, that was funny! It is amazing how many memories are attached to photographs.

I think my aunt did a wonderful thing posting these photos to her page so that we could reminisce as we looked at the photos. There were even some I wish she hadn’t posted, but the past is the past. So, if you have old pictures laying around dig them out and post them to your page, you never know whose heart you may touch. I know mine was by this one photograph.


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