Directing Focus

During the last two years this blog has had a mixed focus of family stuff and my domestic violence work. With the new year rapidly approaching I wanted to narrow the focus of this blog to more daily ramblings and family happenings. The subject of domestic violence  is such an important subject that I felt like it was getting lost in all of the other activity and not getting the focus here that it needed. My domestic violence work needed a new focus in the direction of where I wanted to go with that blog. So I created a new blog meant specifically for that information. The new blog will offer the same type of information and more resources for victims of domestic violence.

It will also be a place that women can find information on shelters and other resources available to them. I am happy to announce the new blog is called Hushed Voices, Secrets Untold. I am thrilled to be able to bring this new blog to you! Feel free to subscribe to both blogs if you like. The new blog will focus on the stigma that still surrounds domestic violence, and giving victims of domestic violence a voice, one woman and child at a time.

If you are interested in joining me on this venture please let me know. Domestic violence is an epidemic that has to be stopped. I hope you will continue to read and enjoy both blogs and I will continue to appreciate and respond to any comments, they are always welcome.


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